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Kratom Plus is on a mission to help you become your happiest you.

Our science-backed formulas combine broad spectrum CBD and natural active ingredients to create better softgels for a better you.

Kratom Plus’s line of gelatin softgels is designed to help you focus longer, and maintain a positive mind-body balance.

Our softgels have higher bioavailability and better rates of absorption than other capsules, and come in 10ct or 5ct -capsule bottles.

Our Core Values
Quality & Standards

Kratom Plus puts safety and quality above all else.

Kratom Plus’s scientific team employs the best practices and standards of the established and highly regulated food and pharmaceutical industries. They have decades of experience developing products for some of the most well-known consumer food, beverage and cannabis brands.

Our Core Values
Benefits & Ingredients

Kratom Plus is where nature meets science.

We utilize the many reported health and wellness-giving properties of hemp-derived CBD and combine this with other natural active compounds to create focused formulas to improve your quality of life.

We are creating the next generation of hemp wellness products, designed to help you be the best and fullest expression of yourself.

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Kratom (KRAY-tum or kruh-TAHM) is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, with leaves that can have psychotropic effects. It was first discovered in Thailand, and is sourced from Indonesia and Vietnam.

Kratom, when taken in small doses has a stimulant effect, while in larger doses can produce more sedative, opiate-like feelings. I liken the effects of a dose of 15mg of mitragynine to taking two shots of espresso and a muscle relaxer: the mind is alert and energized, the user often becomes more social and talkative while mild aches and pains are reduced significantly.

  • Similarity to opioids

Mitragynine (mit-RAH-jen-een), the active ingredient in Kratom, mimics opiates but does not come from poppies. It binds with opioid receptors but not EVERY opioid receptor. Kratom is not an opiate, which means it is less addictive, has fewer adverse health effects (such as restriction of breathing) and can be a helpful aid for cessation of opiate use or for withdrawal symptoms.

For that reason, kratom use has been unfairly linked with death from abuse of other opiates.

  • Can be contaminated

Many kratom supplement producers use the powdered leaves to make their capsules, gummies, or teas. This puts the consumer at risk of salmonella poisoning, as these leaves are sourced from often unsanitary conditions. Since our products use full spectrum mitragynine extract instead of ground leaves, we eliminate the risk of salmonella contamination completely.

  • Political reasons – Thai government

Kratom has been shown to help wean people off of opiates and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This made it a direct threat to the Thai government, whose national budget was funded through opiate sales. It is also very helpful to labor workers, who use it for both pain relief and a boost of energy to get through the work day. Restricting their access to kratom further allows the government to maintain its control.

Like anything, kratom has the potential to be habit forming. Frequent use can produce cravings similar to those of a daily coffee drinker.

Kratom is legal in 44 of 50 states with the exception of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

While the FDA has neither approved hemp or kratom for human consumption both products are legal in the United States with the exception of a few states. Both have botanical sources. You don’t like it, you can take it up with God.

Great question. The short answer is we don’t know the strength of any kratom products without accurate test results using batch tests and lot numbers. Most (almost all) kratom products are sold without test results and thus the strength can only be measured subjectively or by sending samples for independent analysis. Users of kratom cite wild variation in effects from one product or from one batch to another. 

At Kratom+ we measure the amount of active ingredient in kratom, mitragynine. Would you take a cannabis edible without knowing the amount of THC? While experimentation is great to discover the benefits of new supplements, when taken for medicinal purposes most people value the ability to have measurable, reproducible results.

The average kratom 2-piece capsule contains approximately 600mg of ground kratom leaves, with about 0.5% mitragynine, equating to about 3mg of active ingredient per capsule.That means you would have to take 5 “powdery horse pills” to equal one of our Kratom+ Create or Explore pills or 10 to equal one of our Inspire pills.

Kratom takes 30-60 minutes to take effect and usually lasts 4-6 hours.

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